Thursday, 7 February 2013

5 Things Women Shoud Avoid in Relationship

Things you should avoid in mantaining your relationship from my point of view and experience: 

1. Perfect @ pretending.
Come on!!! For how long you are going to be someone else just to get his attention or someone who are perfect? I bet that you can't pretend the whole life just to make you look perfect in his eyes. Just be yourself if you want to stay with him for longer or rest of your life

2. Intervention in the partner’s affairs
Questions such as “Where are you going?” “Who did you see?” “Why you are late?” “When are you going to come back?“ All these interrogation questions drive the man away as these questions show you don’t trust him fully.

3. Affair
If you want to spend your life with your partner, there is no need to look around for other men and cheat. Stay committed to him.

4. Talk about him
Yeah, sure you can talk about him but not his bad habits. Don't ever try to speak out his bad habits to your friends. Boy? You are dead.

5. Hiding Things
His trust level will decrease if he found out that you hide something from him. Tell him at the first place before he manage to know by himself about things that you hide.

These things are just from my point of view ok. For more info, look for EXPERT


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