Saturday, 9 February 2013

Water and beauty- importance of water on health

Water is very important in our daily life. Readers, check simple list of the benefits of drinking lots of water on health and beauty.

1. Supply oxygen, no more sleepy eyes

- Water (H2O) is compound that made up from combination of elements which is oxygen and hydrogen. By taking sufficient amount of water for your body, water will supply oxygen to your cell for entire body include brain. When oxygen from the water that you drink reach the brain, cells in the brain will supplied with oxygen and make the cells in the brain become fresh. As the result, you will fill fresh throughout the day. Remember, every time you feel sleepy, refresh yourself by drinking water. It is simple. Isn’t it?

2. Controls and maintains body temperature.
- did you ever got fever or catch a cold especially during extreme climate changed? This is due to your body cannot resist to climate that changed suddenly. Then, why did not you try to drink lots of water.

3. Detoxification
- Water helps liver to detoxification. It makes detoxification process easier for the liver. It means that your liver doesn't need to work hard for detoxification. Then, it is good for your liver.
- did you know that detoxification strongly related with ageless? Toxins caused aging processes occur faster. By removed toxins (detoxification), aging process can be slowed down. Then, to get younger and beautiful skin, drink lots of water which can help liver to detoxification.

4. Helps excretory process
- help remove urea, uric acid and excess minerals through urination.

5. Prevent dehydration
6. Fitness and fat loss
- having body like Fergie, Jessica Simpson or J. Lo? It is easy. You don’t need to push yourself and feeling hungry just to get ideal shape of body. The easiest solution is drinking water. This is due to by drinking waters, the water fills your body up without adding any calories. Just say good bye fat and HELLO to your new slimy body!!

7. Remove unpleasant odour
- You are what you eat. Did you know that food that you eat will release their odour on your body? By drinking water, you can keep away the odour from your body by dilute the food substances. So, what are you waiting for? Take glasses of water, drink it and say good bye to body odour.

On the other hand, lack of water in our body leads to dehydration which dehydration can  
- degrade physical and mental functions. 
- Being 15% dehydrated is likely to be lethal.
- Dehydration will degrade a person’s ability to exercise and burn calories.
- Dehydration will reduce protein synthesis which is needed to build or repair muscles.

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