Saturday, 17 November 2012

Media Campaign To Support Gaza

Assalamualaikum my fellow muslim/muslimah, Salam sejahtera for my other religion friends and reader.

I am calling out all bloggers to spread " who are the real bullies? "

Gaza issues are not religious matter, its about human being who killed like bleeding party for Israel's army.

Who to be blame? Gaza? yeah, people world wide see Gaza as terrorist because they get tricked by Israel. Using media as medium to brain wash people all around the world but we are not as stupid as the other to believe their tricked.

Their using media, its time for our counter attack to spread using media as well. Shows the world who are the real terrorism. We are not lying the same way the Israel do but just spread the truth.

# may Allah bless us, Ya Allah, help my brother and sister in Gaza.

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